2004 (05?) Omega Alchemy Ti 55cm

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To be honest, I never really ride this bike. Road riding is BORING. There, I said it. So…while I can still do it, I’m MTB all the way. I’m basically keeping this bike for my future golden years, since it looks like everyone who rides in my town is a roadie and like 80+…

Just under 17lbs with pedals, the Omega Alchemy is a Bri’ish made bike. The company is now defunct, but I believe reborn under another name (Enigma). When I decided I wanted a road bike (for the days I couldn’t manage a trail ride), I wasn’t really sure what to get. At first I looked at some carbon big brand bikes like the Specialized Tarmac and whatnot, but came across a listing online for this one. What caught my eye was that it was made of Ti and had brand new Dura Ace C24 carbon clinchers on it.

I’m not really an experienced road biker, so the handling feels skittish to me. I think that’s just how road bikes feel, though; they are just too light and tight so they feel every bump and crack.

Upgrades since I bought it:

  • Ultegra 6700 brifters and brakes
  • Syncros Ti post
  • KCNC seat clamp in red anno
  • Columbus Super Muscle full carbon fork to match the rear wishbone. Superlight and looks much nicer than the 3T bladed fork it came with when i bought it.

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  1. By chance is this Bike available for sale? I’d appreciate it if you let me know, I realize the article was posted in 2012, but you never know.
    Thank you.

    1. I’, sorry I sold it years ago. Good luck tracking one down. It’s definitely one of a kind.

    2. Hi, did you track down an Omega Alchemy – I am quite likely to be selling mine soon
      Thanks Neil

      1. Glad you were able to find one and enjoy it! Feel free to post a link to your for sale listing here when you decide to sell it.

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