2019 Pivot Mach 5.5 Large (post in progress)

I recently came across a pretty good deal on ebay for this Pivot Mach 5.5 frame and snagged it. It was sort of a shoot first, figure it out later sort of impulse bid, but 2 days later it showed up on my doorstep!

The Mach 5.5 has also been on my shortlist, so it was hard to pass up. The thing that was different about this frame from all of my other bikes is that it is a Large sized frame, and I’ve only ridden Mediums in the past. So it was sort of a leap for me to try a size up for the first time ever.

Before I swapped over the parts from my Spectral, I tried to get an idea of what the longer bike would feel like (and look like):

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