PALM Phone PVG100 replacement sim tray w/ Warranty

Palm Phone PVG100 Replacement SIM Tray

  • 3D printed SIM tray for the Palm Phone model PVG100.
  • Printed on an 8K SLA printer using ABS-like Tough resins for durability.
  • Note: This is an extremely thin part (as thin as 0.69mm in places!). While it will serve its intended purpose perfectly, it is NOT recommended if you are the kind of user that swaps SIM cards on a daily basis! Use it with care and it will likely last you the life of your beloved Palm Phone.
  • All trays are fully-tested for fit and functionality before shipping.
  • Improved, easier ejection methods vs the original tray (see below)
  • Does NOT provide waterproof sealing
  • a SIM Eject tool is included 
  • FREE shipping in USA!
  • 1 YEAR replacement warranty! If it breaks, send me a photo of the broken tray along with your order details and I will send you a replacement free of charge.

This tray was modeled and designed from an original Palm Phone sim tray. The design was refined over many, many iterations and offers two easy and robust methods for removal: 

Pry Method

Pull Method

Shipping and Handling

  • FREE in the USA. Ships within 24 hours.
  • Mailed in a plain envelopeNO TRACKING!
  • International shipping is + $1.95 USD. For multiple quantity orders I will refund additional shipping fees as I can mail up to 3 per envelope. Please allow 2-3 weeks for International delivery. No tracking!
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