1997 GT Xizang Titanium (Sold!)



Yikes(!). What can be said about one of the winningest, most iconic mountain bikes of all time? Yes, the GT Xizang is perhaps one of the most sought after bikes on the VRC scene…and I have one! In the 16" size no less (18" C-T), which is the perfect size “medium” and even harder to find. This one’s from ‘97, but with ’94 NOS decals applied. The little tab on the back of the seattube is for running canti-type brakes; an extra piece that served as a bolt-on canti hanger could be fitted there to act as the cable stop. Not sure why they kept the tab though, as v-brakes were by far the way to go by ’97.

As she sits: 20.6lbs.


  • ’08 SID Race. Wow, what an upgrade over the original ’98 blue SID, with its 32mm stanchions. 80mm travel. The v-brake model is a bit hard to find and I think they stopped making it in ’09. You can still buy v-brake lowers on eBay for about $160 if you’re desperate.
  • XTR m970 levers and shifters;¬†XTR m952 rear
  • Race Face (RIP) Deus XC crankset
  • Mavic 517s to Hugi hubset (super lightweight; from an ’03 S-Works Epic)
  • Specialized carbon flat bar, Ritchey WCS bar ends/stem/post, Selle SLR saddle
  • Continental Speed King 2.1 black chili tires

Update: Sold(!) on fleaBay on 07/20/12 for $1999.99. Some changes to the final auction build were:

  • ’98 SID Blue 63mm fork
  • Styff Carbon flat bar
  • Dura Ace 9spd barcon shifters mounted to Paul Components Thumbies
  • XTR m952 wheelset to Mavic 517 black rims and Wheelsmith double-butted spokes
  • XTR m950 levers
  • Final weight was actually less, at only 19.90lbs. Not bad.
  • Sold it because, well, I never rode it and I am itching for something new…I think I got a good price, but eBay and PayPal gouged me at about 13.5%! Ouch…
Update 2: Bah! I found another 16" frame and decided it was a good deal so I bought it! This one is a ’93. I’m currently swapping over some parts from the Bonty to get it running so I can take it for a ride. You know, to give it another chance…yeah.

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