To become a developer…

I did it. I’m going to Dev Bootcamp!

After submitting my application back in July, and never hearing back, I figured I had been passed over. Turns out the team at DBC was on a little vacay action and finally got back to me a few weeks ago to set up my Skype interview.

I interviewed with the founder, Shereef Bishay. I was a little nervous, but he’s a pretty laid back guy and it went pretty smoothly. He did throw in a little test to make sure I actually had a brain, but the exercise was sort of designed to be a team effort and we were able to solve it together. Phew.

Anyway, I’m on my way to attending the Feb 2013 session! I’m actually looking forward to the yoga – after my bike crash I am feeling all sorts of wound up and I think my body could use a good stretching for once in my life.

Here’s to something new and exciting and scary! Man, life’s a trip…

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