Vintage/Retro/Classic! RockShox Judy XC and SL Replacement Fork decals for sale

2024 Update! Decals are available!

New and Improved version! No more cutting of Upper decals! Just peel and stick!

New! 1996 “script” Judy version now available!

I sell these on eBay, but I’ll cut them out and sell directly and give you a little discount if you buy from me direct for $11.00 USD (you save $1.00!)

Apparently SRAM thinks my decals are TOO GOOD! They had my listings removed on eBay after almost 10yrs(!) of selling these to support the VRC crowd!

2023 Update! Decals are available!

Shipping is FREE in USA (2-3 bus. day delivery). $1.25 Int’l First Class Mail (allow 1-2 week delivery time)

Please specify the version you are ordering:

image “XC”

image “SL”

image SL with script “Judy” 1996


Looking for Judy FSX decals? You can get them here!

Check out my eBay feedback for these decals! (click for larger version)

Description from my [now removed] eBay auction:

Rock Shox Judy SL and XC fork decals! NEW!
You are looking at a set of incredibly high-quality reproduction decals for your vintage Rock Shox Judy forks!
Like you, I had a vintage bike to restore, and the original decals on my Judy forks were toast! I wasn’t happy. It was the one thing that kept my bike from being “perfect” again.
So I took it upon myself to rebuild, recreate, redesign, the original Rock Shox Judy decals. I’m a professional graphic designer, so I knew I could do it. After many, many hours of carefully measuring the original decals, scanning, fixing and tweaking, here is the final result. It’s perfect. Even more perfect than the original decals ever were. They are the exact size of the originals. The perfect finishing touch.
Bring your tired, beaten forks back to life!
The decals are printed using the highest quality silk-screening techniques. Silkscreen printing is an incredibly high-end method with which to print stickers. As far as sticker printing goes, silkscreen is simply the best the way to produce an extremely high caliber, high quality sticker. Once you begin to understand the silkscreen process and see the results of the printing medium, you will quickly realize that in terms of quality, there is no contest.
Silkscreen printing is essentially a stenciling technique, where a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable emulsion. Ink is forced through the mesh with a squeegee onto the printing surface, which in our case is an adhesive backed vinyl. The result is an extremely thick, weatherproof, waterproof sticker with an effective outdoor capability that is measured by years. (The outdoor capability of a digitally printed sticker of the same design is measured by weeks.)
These decals are clear, just like the originals.

The highest quality. Period.

  • Thick Ink. At least 2-3 times thicker than other silkscreen printers and 10x-20x thicker than digitally printed stickers.
  • 100% UV Protection… Multiple Passes. Each full-color sticker is silkscreened onto a thick vinyl surface with 4 thick coats of ink, and 3 thick coats of clear gloss with 100% UV protection.
  • Weather proof and waterproof. Effective outdoor capability is 2000-3000% higher than Digital/Flexo materials.
  • Extreme durability. Minimum 3-5 year effective capability against any weather. Actual lifetime should be substantially higher since you aren’t riding everyday! Extremely durable in extreme conditions (like mountain biking!). Silkscreen stickers are the only way to go if you are looking for durability.

Each set includes (enough to restore one (1) fork):

  • Two (2), separate Rock Shox Judy main decals (fork uppers)
  • One pair of your choice: “XC”, “SL”, or “SL with Judy script” lower decals.

Note: Before applying decals, be sure the fork leg is absolutely clean of any adhesive or cleaning residues/oils.

Application tips:
  • Completely remove any adhesive residue with WD-40 or similar
  • Use isopropyl alcohol or other degreaser to completely remove any WD-40 residue
  • Peel and stick! Use the blunt edge of your fingernail to rub over the full decal to ensure full adhesion
Free Shipping in USA! $1.25 for International shipping by First Class International letter.
Images below are ACTUAL DECALS applied to forks!

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  1. Hi Bryan
    I’ve bought a couple of sets of your decals – they’re a retrobiker’s dream for Judy restorations!
    Are you able to produce with a fuchsia colour in place of the red on ROCK and the JUDY background?
    Here’s a pic of them on one of my restored forks (hopefully the HTML link will embed it, if not click here:
    Find me on Instagram @retro_mtb. Cheers, Regan

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Those look great! Unfortunately, these are basically one-off decals I made, and I just have a bunch left over from my order. I’m not a professional decal guy by trade, so I can’t just run off custom ones. Happy trails!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the TT decals. I only made the XC/SL ones you see here.

  2. Hi i’m looking to replace the decals on my 97/98 judy xc long travel rock shox, do you supply all the ones that i require

  3. I have a late model (not sure ’01 Maybe) Judy SL Long Travel. The decals are a somewhat extensive design- not the ones you have here. is there any way to get those? I can send a pic if you need it.

    1. Yes I can and often do! Shipping is an additional $1.25 USD and I can mail a few for the same fee. I will refund add’l postage if Paypal doesn’t calculate it correctly. Cheers!

  4. Hello, still sale this Judy decal kit? And can you ship it to Japan if you still sale? If yes I want to buy one for restore of my 1994 GT ZASKER.

    1. Yes, I ship to Japan. Select the decals you want using the PayPal buttons, or you can also purchase through my eBay auction: (if the link is broken, search ebay for “rock Shox Judy Decals”)

  5. Hi just brought some Judy SL decals. Hopefully my adress is on the PayPal payment

    To Jessie grey

    1. Hi Jessie! Yes, I mailed them out 9 days ago. Did you get them yet? Please reply if you are happy with them or send me a photo after installation and I can post it!

    1. Yes I ship worldwide! USA takes 2—3 days and Int’l about 7-10 days. They are sent by regular postal service. Thanks!

  6. Hi Bryanus,

    Do you sell the Rock Shox stickers with the FSX stickers as a set. I see you do for the Judy.

  7. Hi
    I have just ordered some Judy SL decals to be sent to Scotland but have not had a paypal confirmation.
    Can you check if you have received the order.

    Thanks again


    1. Yes I received your order and they will be posted today! Thanks and Be Safe! Vintage forever!

  8. Hi. I have a 1997 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp with RockShox Judy XC forks. The XC decals you feature here are close, but on mine “ADJUST” appears in white font, rather than black (as the forks themselves are black). Is this something you could supply?


    1. Sorry, Nick. This is all I have available. I don’t make decals for a living, just these one-offs for my own personal restorations. Good luck!

  9. Hi Nick,

    Do you still have the Judy SL decal available (not script version) I would like to order a set. These look great by the way!



    1. Thanks and Yes I do! Please let me know if the ordering buttons don’t work for you. Cheers.

      1. They worked fine Judy SL decals ordered! I look forward to receiving the SL decals soon.

        Thx Again,

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