How to find out the Best Offer accepted price in an eBay auction

Ever wondered what price a seller accepted a Best Offer at on eBay?

Well, if you use a desktop browser to view past auctions, eBay won’t show it to you. eBay simply lists the original selling price with a slash through it and a message “Best Offer Accepted”.

But I stumbled on a way to see the prices. All you need is your smartphone and the eBay app.

Just do a search for your item in the app, then Refine the search to view Sold Items only, which will then show you the past auctions.

Voila!, the Best Offer prices that were accepted are now shown and you can make or adjust your offer using that information.

Hopefully this doesn’t become common knowledge so eBay can fix this “bug”…so keep it to yourselves!

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