Fixing the GPS signal “fix” on LiquidSmooth ROMs for Galaxy Nexus

If you’re running LiquidSmooth on your GNex and it is constantly “Searching for GPS” when using the built in Google Maps or Navigation apps, something is hosed! Flashing this patch fixed my issues instantly, and has remained fix up to the latest LiquidSmooth 1.5MR1 update:

LiquidSmooth Galaxy Nexus GPS patch

I’m anxiously awaiting the new LiquidSmooth Jellybean 4.1.1 update to come out! I tried Jellybean the day it was announced, and it was noticeably smoother (like “butter” baby!). But it was missing all of the customizations I had gotten used to in LiquidSmooth, including the all-important [to me] Profiles Settings.

LiquidSmooth Jellybean 4.1.1 Beta, plus restoring apps with Titanium Backup

Update 08/06/12: For the past few days I’ve been trying out the Beta 2 build of the Liquid Jellybean 4.1.1 rom. It works and is complete, for the most part. Some things (for me) are broken:

  • Voice Dialer quits when accessed by my Bluetooth headset
  • GPS wouldn’t lock (fixed with GPS patcher above)

This was also the first time I used titanium Backup to restore my apps and settings. After a few attempts, I think I’ve figured out how to do a successful restore. The main issue I found was restoring Apex launcher (either from its own saved backups or through Titanium Backup). Every time I restored it, my Camera and Gallery apps broke. They both said “App isn’t installed” when I tapped them.

To fix this, all you have to do is remove the apps from your homescreen, then re-add them from your Apps drawer. Presto, they both work now and both have the correct icons (previously they had generic, green Android icons).

To restore apps with Titanium Backup, just select the schedule to “Restore Missing Apps with Data”. Then, deselect the apps you don’t want restored. Another option is to restore all system data along with it, but I chose not to do this option. Maybe next time I’ll try it.

A new ROM with Profiles! AndroidME CM10 4.1.1

Found a new ROM today, that also has the Profiles Settings app. It’s called AndroidME and is available here.

Turns out, the Profiles setting I require was developed by the team at Cyanogenmod, but released as open source to the Google AOSP (Android Open Source Project). That basically means that Google can use it in a future build if they like it enough, and so can other ROM modders if they choose to build off the AOSP source and include it in their ROMs.

AndroidME CM10 is based off the latest Cyanogenmod 10 build, and therefore contains the Profiles settings built in. While CM10 is still in development, it seems pretty stable so far. The GPS also didn’t lock, but the above flash fixed it yet again. Bluetooth voice Dialing also works now, which is great for driving! I’ll be sure to report back with my next ROM of the day…

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