Englund Total Air Cartridge Replacement Seals Kit For RockShox Judy XC, SL, FSX, SID, White Brothers

Brand new, never-used replacement Seals Kit for Vintage Englund Total Air cartridges!

2024 Update: Kits for both cartridge types are AVAILABLE!

Fits vintage Rock Shox Judy XC, SL, SID and White Brothers (Bros.) forks that
used the Englund Total Air cartridge kit.

**One Kit will replace seals in two cartridges (enough for one fork)**
** Buy with confidence! This is a Brand New seal kit, not 20+ years old!  ** I have the Original, MASTER Spec List for the seals used in these cartridges!

Not sure which one you need? Just remove the existing cartridge from your forks to check: 

Choose the Nylon Body Kit If your UPPER cartridge body color is BLACK plastic

Choose the Alloy Body Kit If your UPPER cartridge body color is SILVER alloy


They are easy to install and come with all the seals necessary to get your cartridges working and holding air again. The kits include illustrated instructions and some Buzz’s Slick Honey as shown. One Kit will replace seals in two cartridges (enough for one fork)

FREE SHIPPING IN USA! $14 USD for International shipping worldwide (Sorry, USPS raised the International postage rates). I mail by standard USPS First Class Int’l Package service, so please allow 2-3 weeks for International deliveries.

*Int’l buyers: I can ship up to 2 packs in one parcel for the same shipping fee of $14. If you need more than 2, please send me a message by leaving me a comment at the bottom of this page so I can give you an invoice for payment. Your comment will be private.

Englund Total Air Cartridge Seal Kits (Complete Kit with Slick Honey lube) – Select Version during Checkout

Free Shipping in USA. +$14 USD for International buyers.


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NEW OFFERING! I am now providing a version of this kit packaged without the Slick Honey lube. This allows me to mail the seals in a standard envelope. Shipping is Free in the USA and only $1.25 Internationally! No tracking is available with this seal-only kit and it may take a couple weeks for delivery by your local postal service.

Englund Total Air Seal Kit Only (seals and instructions only! no Slick Honey lube included!) – $14.99 USD – Free Shipping in USA. $1.25 for International buyers.

  Black plastic (Nylon) seal kit
  Silver (Alloy) seal kit

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  1. Hello,
    I’m looking to upgrade my 1996 Rock Shox Judy and I know I’m many years late to this game but I’m looking for the actual air cartridges themselves. When I bought the bike the elastomers were powdered from years of hanging upside down with no oil, I’ve switched to the Kronos springs but I’m still looking for some more strength. Air is the way to go and I’m interested in even a single broken air cartridge if you have one. I can machine brand new cartridges if I just have one to take a part and measure.

    1. Sorry, Chris, Unfortunately I don’t have any cartridges myself anymore. I only have the seal kits. Best bet is eBay. They do come up believe it or not, in various states of functionality. You will want the black (nylon) version for your Judys. If you have the ability to machine some new cartridges, I bet you could make a swift business selling them to the Vintage crowd. Please let me know if you do, heck I’d be interested myself!

      1. Hello Chris, I will be taking mine apart this week to see which kit I need to order. I will take a cartridge in to work, spec it out for you. I’m a machinist too.

        1. Hey Chris, do you have seal kit for Rock Shox SID 100? I’ll need a kit for the Englund, I’ll check to see which cartridge I have… Thank You

          1. If your SID 100 has Englund cartridges, then my kits should fit. But Englund carts for the SID are pretty rare. Are you sure you have them installed? You can usually tell by the top air caps. They are black plastic dome-shaped caps that go on top of standard silver Schrader valve caps. You can google Englund Total Air cartridges to see some photos of what the caps look like.

    2. Hi Chris, where are you located I have a set apart and could get you some dimensions if that would help. I’ll be ordering the seal kit in the next couple of days.

    1. Hi Gary, yes I have seal kits for both the Nylon (black plastic) and Silver (alloy) cartridges available!

  2. Just ordered the kit. Does it come with instructions? Any special tools needed? Ship date?

    1. Hi Bill! So sorry for the late reply to your comment. For some reason I never get comment replies to my posts! In any case, you should have several months on the your forks with the kit installed now. I hope everything went smoothly and the instructions were clear. Let me know if I can help!

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